About PIJ

Privacy International Japan (PIJ) is a publicly supported charitable, nonpartisan, nonprofit privacy advocate established in 1994. A primary mission of PIJ is to watchdog on data surveillance by governments and business organizations. PIJ has a head office and a public interest research center in Tokyo, Japan.
PIJ has conducted various public campaigns throughout Japan on issues ranging from national ID numbers, Caller ID and video surveillance, to individual privacy on the Internet.
PIJ has drafted privacy policies and legislation bills on individual privacy in corporation with National Diet members.
PIJ has been managing the "Citizens Network against National ID Numbers (CNN)" with other NPOs. PIJ has published a quarterly newsletter "CNN News" and books on data protection.
PIJ works in associate with CompuTax Japan (CompuTax Research Institute Japan), a research group on "Tax and Computers".

PIJ Boad of Directors

Executive Director  Professor of Law  Hakuoh University Ishimura, Koji
Executive Vice Director  Certified Tax Accountant Tsujimura, Shozo
Executive Vice Director  Attorney-at-law Miyahara, Tetsuo
Executive Vice Director  Judicial Scrivener Kato, Masaya
Managing Director  Secretary-General  Certified Tax Accountant Wagatuma, Noritoshi
Managing Director  Editor-in-chief  Certified Tax Accountant Nakamura, Katumi
Managing Director  Treasurer  Certified Tax Accountant Hirano, Shingo
Managing Director  Policy Analyst  President of NPO Shiraishi, Takashi
Managing Director  Policy Fellow  Certified Tax Accountant Katsumata, Kazuhiro
Managing Director  Policy Analyst  Certified Tax Accountant Masuko, Ryoichi

PIJ Boad of Directors

Politician Kawamura, Takashi

Privacy International Japan
10F IB Building  3-25-15 Nishi-ikebukuro  Toshima-ku  Tokyo, 171-0021, Japan
TEL/FAX 03(+81-3)-3985-4590